About Corydalis

… is a simple application to help manage offline (as in non-cloud) collections of RAW and processed pictures. It doesn't replace your RAW processor (e.g. Adobe Lightroom, DxO PhotoLab, Capture one, Darktable, etc.) but instead acts as a companion to it, giving a parallel view on all your files.

Corydalis is also an image viewer, designed to work across and understand your entire photo collection; the desktop-only viewers (e.g. Geeqie) are folder-based, not collection-based. This aspect aims to offer a similar experience of viewing your photos as it would be if you stored them in the cloud (but many features are still missing).

You can read the documentation online. Note the documentation version might not match the version of the application you are using now.

Source code

You can find the source code on GitHub, together with the licence terms. My code under AGPL-3+, dependencies under various licences. Copyright © 2013, Iustin Pop.

Tech stack: there are a lot of libraries used in this project! On the Haskell side, too many to list, but special mentions: yesod, aeson, wai, warp, persistent, and so on. On the frontend (JS/CSS) side: bootstrap, jquery, tablesorter, plotly, hammerjs, font-awesome, imagesloaded, masonry. Run-time dependencies: exiftool, ImageMagick and ffmpeg. Thanks to all the upstream authors for enabling this project!


I (Iustin Pop) am the currently sole author. Looking forward to pull requests ☺!