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@Cap de Formentor. 2
@Mirador Es Colomer. 1
A nice looking chocolate shop :) 1
A portrait shot shows better the contrast between horizon and (almost) overhead 1
A set of 25 pictures at 5 seconds exposure, ISO 800, stacked (and around 3-5 dropped), with 25 black frames as well. A bit lower noise as a result. 1
A slightly different perspective on the same churches 1
A view of the mountains and valley near Wengen 1
And ending with the main station. Lots of people passing by, visible as ghosts. Lights good, but the overhead cables ruing the picture :) 1
And the picture looking towards the left. Even more complex lighting, the store shops and the street lights and the car headlight… 1
And we have almost finished our descent. 1
Another picture in which the background shore is quite sharp but the water is blurry because of the wind 1
Another picture with tricky lighting; the blue is very strong and hard to balance against the rest 1
For a long exposure (30s in this case), it's amazing how people can actually walk in front of the lens without any visible record in the image… 1
For some reason, I liked how this building looked under the lights and how the trees in front of it were still retaining a bit of colour in the night 1
From a bridge across the street, a picture to the right; complex lighting again here, hard to correct 1
I had to hurry to take this picture without people walking in fron t of the camera 1
I had to switch to f/22 in this picture, as the strong light resulted initially in a too short exposure time 1
Just a wide shot here; the composition is not perfect - the building in the bottom left corner is ugly, but another picture I took without it was not worse in other respects 1
Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa 1
Kinkaku-ji - Temple of the Golden Pavilion 1
Nice view in the courtyard of Osaka Castle 1
Not much left to go, but the shadows have started returning 1
On a nice summer day, near the lake… 1
Pretty happy with how the light and colours turned out in this picture. 1
Probably the one thousandth photo of El Colomer, but I'm quite happy with the composition. 1
Sadly didn't capture the actual light, which was much nicer… 1
Sadly no camera can do proper HDR to make things look like in reality - the light difference between the moon and the trees is just too great. In the meantime… 1
Sady the camera didn't catch the actual light… 1
Shooting straight up minimizes the glow effect, allowing a better overall picture 1
Starting a new day, climbing higher this time 1
Talaia d'Albercutx is in the top right corner. 1
The Grossmünster is visible from quite afar, but getting into a position to get a nice front view is a bit tricky (without a very wide lens) 1
The boats are not sharp due to wind; the lake shore is clear if you zoom in 1
The colours were quite tricky here; the lamps are strong and I wasn't able to correct both the foreground and background 1
The grass was black in reality, with no visible colour; the camera sensor however managed to get a very nice green… 1
The light is very nice on these churches, and a bit of that is caputured 1
The sight when that mountain was cut and fell into the sea must have been interesting. 1
The sun is gone, and so is our hike. 1
This actually looks much better than in reality; the long exposure and a bit of extra compensation in post-processing make me like the result very much! 1
This looked better in reality; the picture is not bad either, but not as good as the original 1
Very strong light pollution near the horizon 1
Wait, the sun climbs faster! 1